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Fabric Technology

Rim Fabrics products have been developed by utilizing a unique fabric formation technology quite different to traditional woven fabrics.

This non woven fabric technology converts fibre into fabric in a matter of minutes, in a totally mechanical process. No chemicals are used and spinning of yarn is eliminated.

Our specialized fabric structure provides the essential non fray and hard wearing qualities required for vertical surfaces - screens, workstations, partitions, walling and acoustic paneling and the inherent stability of the fabric means foam lamination is not required when applying to such surfaces. The non fray characteristics provide an excellent solution to combat vandalism in upholstery situations.

In addition the patented murena™ style Teknic range provides a multi purpose fabric which is Velcro® compatible and pinnable, making it ideal for exhibit and display markets.

Our production site continually explores new and more effective ways to minimize waste and improve systems and operates under 'lean' manufacturing principles.

Our technology also provides the ability to offer a custom colour service - we can match specific colour needs on a project basis.

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