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Our Environment

Our patented process has, at its core, faster conversion of raw material. The fibre is transformed into fabric in a matter of minutes. The speed of this process not only produces highly cost-effective products, but minimises energy consumption - and, consequently, environmental impact.
  • no chemicals are used
  • no toxic by-products are created
  • all waste off-cuts and selvedge trims are recycled and reprocessed back into fabric
  • fabrics are dyed using dispersed dyestuffs which are fully biodegradable
  • after dyeing, surplus water is recycled through our treatment plant and reused
  • paper tubes/polythene wrap is reused or recycled after use
  • after fabric has served its original purpose, it can be easily recycled
Environmental testing of all our products has been completed by an independent testing house. The results of these tests show that all fabrics are low VOC emitting and fulfil the Green Building Council of Australia "Green Star Office Interiors" compliance requirements. Heavy metal content of all fabrics is negligible and well below GECA specification.


GECA approved products - Honeycomb, Evolve, Metallica.

Manufactured to ISO 14001 International Environmental Standard and ISO 9001 International Quality Standard.

Document Products
GECA License (484kb)
Honeycomb, Evolve, Metallica
GECA Accreditation 2008

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