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About Rim Fabrics - The Company

rim fabrics was established in 2000 to introduce a completely new and exclusive range of contract fabrics to the Australasian market.

It was perceived that many fabrics offered as screen coverings were either highly priced or failed to offer good colour and design. This presented a clear opportunity for rim fabrics to offer cost-effective solutions that would lower the cost of commercial panel systems and upholstery, whilst retaining design integrity.

At rim fabrics we have a total commitment to our fabrics from start to finish development and design, manufacturing, marketing, sales, distribution and after-sales service.

Our aim is to interpret and move with the needs of the local market, through a range which offers a wide choice of colours and textures. rim fabrics not only look good they meet the installation, durability and budgetary requirements of customers within the Australasian market.

The rim fabrics range is distributed in Australia and New Zealand and is now available throughout Asia.

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